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Babble helps you find valuable contacts that
enrich your career and business.

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Your Professional Companion

Seek advice when looking for
a job or just started a new
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Follow Corporate Trends

Discover in groups
what the people at company
XYZ are up to next?.
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Ideas to Goals

Connect with the
right people to brainstorm
how to translates your thoughts into actions.

Communicate Privately

With those you are currently working with, as well as those you have worked with in the past

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a Business Analyst
My company keeps trying to re-hire me after I resigned.
They keep making good salary offers.
Is it a mistake to go back?
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a Partner
How can I get projects and clients for my company?
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works at Deloitte
Hey anyone here with best business ideas? If there then let's plan it
an airplane engine
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a Marketing Manager
a woolly sheep
I have a very good plan for a restaurant in Faridabad. Could you help me with funding it?

Achieve Common

Share resources, meet online and chat regularly, distribute tasks, give each other roles, start actions and projects.

Live Sharing

Share any type of file, image or audio and even your location in chats

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Company signtype icon File
Title signtype icon Audio/Video
Signtype switching on Babble. Signtypes are different identities that you can represent yourself as on Babble, for example, when you post and comment. You can represent yourself by your name, the company you work at, and your job title.
avatar Sarah Singh
Company signtype icon Works at XYZ Corporation
Title signtype icon a Strategy Manager
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Be as comfortable posting the big questions as you would the small ones with different privacy options.
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Fully Interactive

Communicate with multiple individuals (group calls) or any individual (one-on-one calls) with in-built chat, audio and video conference tools.

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speaker Jeff Lawson speaker Mita Mallick speaker Guy Kawasaki

Great for Teamwork

Get work done, learn or teach,
plan or collaborate on a project
or event

Big 4 Accountants
Moms in Finance
Consulting in Style
LGBT in Tech
Creative Directors
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Create and Develop

Quickly connect with Personal and Professional
contacts, easily brainstorm ideas together,
privately share plans & do more over
chat, video | audio calls.